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Who we are

Who we are

RR Logistics is a virtual trucking company that was founded in October 2019 with the goal of being more than just a regular “VTC”. We want to share enthusiasm by providing reaslim in ETS2. RR Logistics ensures fast and reliable transport possibilities for customers all over the globe.

What we offer

We offer a lot of possibilites to our company members. Become part of an awesome team, where your voice counts. We do not enforce a specific activity or mileage a month. Let’s make the trucking experience awesome for us all.

What we offer
What apps we use

What apps we use

We are making use of modern, widely spread applications, such as Truckbook.eu to log deliveries of our employes and manage the different tasks in our company, such as starting a convoy for example. We do not invent. We only rely on reliable system to work with.

What advantages we offer

Fast deliveries

You will never ever experience any more late deliveries due to our very motivated, hard-working and trustworthy team. Your deliveries are our responsibility and pleasure.

Reliable jobs

As a company, we carry a lot of responsability for our employees and customers all over the globe. For this reason, we take it very serious. Your deliveries are always in good hands and our employees are well paid.

Growing community

Currently, we do notice a high increase in employees. As we are an international company, we do have a lot of people from different origins coming togehter. Let's connect the world.

What you need to know